Register as a PROUD organ donor

It is easy to register as an Organ Donor. Click on the link below and complete the electronic registration form. Registering as an organ donor is completely free.


Your SMALL contribution can make a HUGE difference

We want to reach all to register as PROUD organ donors. A SMALL monthly contribution of only R100.00 can make a HUGE difference to help us reach our goal.


The main objective of the Organ Donor Foundation is to create awareness around the subject of organ donation and to register as many as possible individuals as organ donors.

The number of organs donors registering indicates the success of specific awareness campaigns. Registering organ donors is important and should be considered as the basis and motivation for the majority of awareness projects undertaken. The Organ Donor Foundation is not a medical organisation and therefore not involved in the allocation or procurement of organs or any medical processes involved in transplantation.

We are a non-profit organisation and we generate all our funding from the goodwill of individual and businesses. The Organ Donor Foundation requires funding to support its awareness projects and we welcome any events with the objective to raise funds for the Organ Donor Foundation.