Public Awareness

Our public awareness initiatives are as follow:

TOLL FREE LINE: We administer a toll free line providing information to the public about organ and tissue donation

WEBSITE: We maintain an informative and easy to use website where people are able to register as organ and tissue donors on-line, find out more information about organ and tissue donation, or make a financial contribution to the ODF.

DISTRIBUTION OF INFORMATION: We distribute organ and tissue donor identification cards and information brochures to the public and use a volunteer network to do so. We distribute 100,000 information leaflets annually to transplant centres, to the public, to companies, or to anyone who requests information in South Africa.

EDUCATIONAL TALKS: Each year we give educational talks on organ and tissue donation at various institutions including high schools and primary schools, tertiary institutions, companies and any institution or gathering requesting a talk. During the visit, our team presents an informative talk on organ and tissue donation and transplantation, using visual aids and presentations.

CORPORATE WELLNESS DAYS: The Organ Donor Foundation is invited to and attends many corporate health and wellness days each year. These days are a wonderful opportunity for us to meet the public and educate them on transplantation and organ/tissue donation.

EXPOS AND AWARENESS EVENTS: The ODF is invited to host an awareness stand at various events – one example is the annual Cape Homemakers Expo at the CTICC

SOCIAL MEDIA: We have a dedicated staff member responsible for maintaining interactive social media pages on Facebook – the link is available on the home page of our website.

MEDIA: We actively engage with the media by participating in television and radio interviews and print campaigns to drive awareness of Organ and Tissue Donation Nationally.

ANNUAL WALKS: We have three annual walks in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to drive Organ and Tissue awareness and to encourage public participation.