Executive Management

Samantha Nicholls

Executive Director Operations

Samantha has worked for the Organ Donor Foundation for over 15 years and possesses a wealth of knowledge on organ donation and transplantation in South Africa. She has worked herself up through the ranks, starting as a junior assistant to her current position which involves leading the the Organ Donor Foundation’s daily operations. Samantha’s vast knowledge of the organization – its needs, strengths, weaknesses and potential, makes her the perfect leader to ensure that proactive strategies are in place to guarantee long-term sustainability and to achieve the organisational objectives.

Samantha Nicholls is responsible for the daily management of the entire organization and oversees all national and regional projects.

Jooste Vermeulen

Executive Director Business Development

Jooste Vermeulen brings over 20 years of advertising and marketing experience to the Organ Donor Foundation. He donated a kidney to his son in 2007 and has been intimately involved for over 10 years while his son waits for an organ transplant.

Under the communications portfolio, Jooste is responsible for driving national organ donor awareness and increasing the number of people registering as organ and tissue donors. He is involved in planning communication strategies, the messaging and branding of the Organ Donor Foundation as well as management of the IT and database development.